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The engineering and drafting team at Dahlson is based around a group of industry proven professionals. They use their experience and knowledge to provide solutions to their customer's needs. The goal of the group is to evaluate each customer's needs in order to develop a design requirement that will work.

The team is using the latest AutoCAD 2D and Inventor 3D software to take the customer's concept through to a manufactured design. A new plotter has been added to further enhance the drafting capabilities. Engineering analysis is completed in-house and through external consultants as required. The team believes in being highly mobile in order to meet customers' needs in their own location.


The Dahlson engineering team is striving to achieve a seamless project management system that will document every aspect of a project electronically. A system is in place that achieves this and allows for Management of Change and document control. The Dahlson team continues to enhance this process in order to meet customers' requirements. Adding the additional role of project management in order to help facilitate a customers need to take the project from concept to commissioning is another benefit of the Dahlson team.

Dahlson Industries is certified by APEGGA (The Association of Profession engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta) to practice Engineering in the Province of Alberta.

For more information with regarding Dahlson's Drafting and Engineering services please contact us.

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