Products & Projects - Underbalanced Drilling Equipment

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Dahlson Industries has been involved in providing UBD equipment since 1998.  Dahlson has provided UBD equipment mounted in skids, containers and trailers.  Dahlson can provide components of systems as needed or can provide a fully integrated system as required.  Some of the components include: flow line, pipe rack, choke, separators, flare stacks, fluid transfer systems, chemical injection systems, injection pumps, compression, NPU’s and ancillary items.  Dahlson Industries has the ability to design a system to meet the customers drilling requirements.  If it is air drilling, managed pressure drilling, or well testing equipment, Dahlson can provide these as well.  Dahlson can build to customer issued specifications and drawings or work with the customer on a new design.  Dahlson also specializes in retro fitting and updating existing and free issued equipment systems.  Contact a Dahlson representative to discuss your requirements and we look forward to working with you on your project.

trialerized drilling UBD Integrated Trailerrized System
Separation Vessel Separation Vessel & Fluid Transfer Pump and Piping
choke manifold

Controlled Pressure Drilling Choke Manifolds

Diesel Mist Pump Diesel Mist Pump
electric mist pump Electric Mist Pump
Pump and Manifolds Fluid Transfer Pumps & Manifold
pipe racks Containerized Pipe Rack
flare stack 80’ 8” Flare Stack
Containerized Fuel Tank Containerized Fuel Tank
Chemical Injection Chemical Injection Systems
test package

Containerized Well Test Package

See also Engineering & Drafting services

Dahlson Industries has the expertise and experience to offer complete oilfield package design solutions.  Past projects include drilling rig modules and systems, underbalanced drilling systems, pressure piping, separation packages, compression & rotating equipment modules and a variety of custom steel based structures.

Project solutions and execution that “exceeds our customers’ expectation” is what Dahlson is dedicated to providing. Whether a project begins with a customer’s conceptual sketch or complete manufacturing drawings, our project management team will work along side the customer throughout the entire process. The Dahlson Engineering team is available to design and draft solutions that will become manufactured products. Using the team approach to effectively project manage leads to on time delivery of the products.

Please contact the Dahlson team to discuss any potential projects that you may have.

underbalancedasme piping