Products & Projects - Trailerized Equipment Systems

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One of the most common alternatives to oilfield skid mounted equipment is to use transport trailers as a base.  Dahlson has been involved in packaging equipment onto trailers since day one and has the experience to make the most effective use of this space.  Dahlson has some unique designs for catwalk and soft side trailer systems that save space and allow for easy access to equipment.  Dahlson works with the customer to ensure the dimensions and weight will be within the local road regulations.  Whether it is a complete integrated system with interconnecting lines and cables or a one of standalone unit, Dahslon will work with the customer to ensure their concept becomes reality.  Please contact a Dahlson representative to discuss the possibility of providing a trailerized equipment system.

trailerized eq Trailer Mounted Injection Pump & Compressor

UBD Screw Compression Trailers

trailer Well Test Package – Pre Paint
finished Well Test Package - Finished Product
UBD System UBD Integrated Trailerrized System
3d drawing trailer Dahslon will design a custom equipment layout to meet your needs

Dahlson Industries has the expertise and experience to offer complete oilfield package design solutions.  Past projects include drilling rig modules and systems, underbalanced drilling systems, pressure piping, separation packages, compression & rotating equipment modules and a variety of custom steel based structures.

Project solutions and execution that “exceeds our customers’ expectation” is what Dahlson is dedicated to providing. Whether a project begins with a customer’s conceptual sketch or complete manufacturing drawings, our project management team will work along side the customer throughout the entire process. The Dahlson Engineering team is available to design and draft solutions that will become manufactured products. Using the team approach to effectively project manage leads to on time delivery of the products.

Please contact the Dahlson team to discuss any potential projects that you may have.