Products & Projects - Custom Tanks

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Dahlson Industries has provided its customers with a wide variety and size of tanks over the years.  Whether it is the customers drawings that need to be manufactured or a modification of one of Dahlson’s existing designs, Dahslon provides the tank that the customer needs.  Dahlson can build the tanks on skids, on trailers, in containers or stand alone  from a variety of materials or other special requirements.  Dahlson also can provide the additional items like clean outs, manways, piping, electronics, gauges and walkways.  Please call us to discuss your requirements and we would be glad to quote a tank for your need.

acid tank

Acid Cleaning Tank

cuttings tank

Drill Cuttings Tank

inside tank

Drill Cuttings Tank

Brine Tank Brine Plant Tank
trailerized tank Trailerized Tank
containerized Containerized Tank

Dahlson Industries has the expertise and experience to offer complete oilfield package design solutions.  Past projects include drilling rig modules and systems, underbalanced drilling systems, pressure piping, separation packages, compression & rotating equipment modules and a variety of custom steel based structures.

Project solutions and execution that “exceeds our customers’ expectation” is what Dahlson is dedicated to providing. Whether a project begins with a customer’s conceptual sketch or complete manufacturing drawings, our project management team will work along side the customer throughout the entire process. The Dahlson Engineering team is available to design and draft solutions that will become manufactured products. Using the team approach to effectively project manage leads to on time delivery of the products.

Please contact the Dahlson team to discuss any potential projects that you may have.